Thinking about pure natural hand made soap?
In the recent years, a lot of us are thinking of the benefits of going natural. We are aware of the harmful effects of harsh chemicals that are cheap substitutes for natural ingredients to our health and well being.


Soap is one of the most common products which one uses daily.
So why not switch to Natural Hand made soaps that are true bath soaps: They are made with food grade oils and mild botanical scrubs to nourish and nurture the skin, Every time you wash with natural soaps, you give a beauty treatment to the skin with mild exfoliation. All of the perfumes we use are individual or blended natural essential oils. Petals and Herbs Natural bath soaps are made of natural ingredients which are not harsh and have a purely nourishing effect on skin. These ingredients pamper the skin by moisturizing naturally, fighting dryness and dehydration and combating signs of ageing.

At Petals and Herbs, natural hand made bath soaps, we control the ingredients that we put into our soaps. We do not add any unnecessary ingredients just to enhance the look of our product. What you get is pure goodness in your bath bar. You can also choose the scent which best pleases you. Each variety contains a therapeutic ingredient in the essential oils we use. Pure and natural soap is best for those with sensitive skin and those who simply want to give their skin the best. Mixing herbal essences and essential oils for aromatic soap therapy has been proven to have benefits against stress, insomnia and pain. The natural ingredients invigorate, soothe, calm and heal the skin.
And a few of us who are allergic to perfume can opt for the fragrance-free bar. We have those too!


Adding ingredients such as tea tree oil or neem in natural soap gives it a natural anti-bacterial or anti-bacterial property to and helps in the prevention acne and irritation in eczema.

We make our soaps by the cold process. By this method, the soap is not cooked and all the natural benefits in the ingredients are preserved in the soap. Natural soaps are beneficial to diabetics as they are less likely to cause reactions and thus protect the skin from rashes and soars caused by harsh ingredients present in commercial brands.