Aloevera’s legendary healing properties are almost too many to list, we love this little miracle plant that we cultivate to use it’s precious juice in our bath bars.


Aloe vera a unique plant which has properties of anti ageing. The juice or gel of this plant gives you healthy and fresh looking skin. Aloe plants are basically known for their power of healing various skin problems. Aloe helps in psoriasis, shingles, and other skin problems associated with itching heals cuts, abrasions and burns. Applying Aloe vera gel to the affected area gives fast and effective results.

The gel and juices of Aloe vera plant are anti-inflammatory, soothing, toning, protective and moisturizing to the skin. You can apply the Aloe vera gel or juice to the pain or swelling to get immediate effect.

Aloe vera juices or gel are used as moisturizing ingredients in cosmetics and the use of Aloe vera in cosmetic products are so widely popular that it is now being used in almost all the skin care products.